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Chatting with Chato – Some great PR Advice/Insight from an industry expert

I recently did a Google+ hangout with University of St. Thomas Law School PR Guy Chato Hazelbaker. He shared some great takes with me on:

  • What skills he sees as most important for a journalist in 2011.
  • How PR people can place more content (including quotes, photos, audio/video) into mainstream media pieces now more than ever, and why that is.
  • How Chato manages to navigate two difficult worlds – the legal profession and academia – that aren’t exactly known for speed and agility when it comes to fast-moving PR and Social Media responses and initiatives.
Here’s the video of my chat with Chato:

FYI I do a regular Google+ Hangout with PR/JOUR folks every Tuesday at 10:30 am Central time over on my G+ page. Circle me up and join us next time!

Video: Secrets to Social Media Success

I’ve become so fanatical about using Social Media and integrating it into everything I do – especially PR! – that people at work have given me the moniker, “The Self Proclaimed King of Social Media.”

And it’s working! Lately I have been getting asked at least once a week to present to various groups on my Social Media strategies due to the massive success we’re having with it. (Especially in the Labor Union world, which is where my day job resides.) FYI this presentation was made using Prezi – completely free and something you can do entirely online.

In the video below, I spend 40 minutes sharing every trick, tip and tactic I’ve learned the past few years when it comes to using Social Media to engage clients/customers, impact a situation/negotiations, drive mainstream media coverage and shape public opinion. The situations that happened to me during the largest nursing strike in U.S. history last summer also provide great “real-life” examples/case studies for why the tactics I’ve learned at the feet of masters like this guy¬†and this guy work so well.

It’s long, but I promise worth your time to watch.

Question: Anything important I left out? What would you add to the presentation?

Video: TV Producers, Talk Radio Hosts and PR pros share their story pitching secrets

Longtime TV Producer Gregg Litman, Talk Radio Host/Author Kim Ketola, PR pro Jon Austin and Attorney/Lawyer/Political Savant Dave Bateson all joined me this week for a great Google+ Video Hangout to talk about the best story pitches we’ve ever given/received, what the “Occupy” movement needs to succeed long-term from a PR/JOUR perspective and more! Check out the conversation below, and join us every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Central time for great conversation and networking!

Must-see TV: This is what 75 years of newsroom experience/insight/advice sounds like!

If you missed this week’s Google+ hangout, below is a chance to hear from some of the most experienced Public Relations and Journalism experts I’ve ever met on everything from people using Social Media to “report on the reporters” to the chilling impact advertising can have on how a station/newspaper covers controversial stories and more! This group – which included talk radio hosts, investigative reporters and former TV news directors – has a combined 75 years(!) of newsroom experience. I for one was amazed at how fast the 30 minute chat flew by thanks to the great insights and spirited discussion we shared.

Want to join us? We’ll be doing this every Tuesday at 10:30 AM Central time. Join us!

3 ways proper lighting can improve your next video

With more and more PR pros needing to know how to shoot and edit their own video, thought I’d share a tutorial I found helpful regarding how to do proper lighting when filming someone. Enjoy!

Why everyone at work thinks I’m a genius (or how a PR pro can fool clients)

I’m getting rave reviews for the video trailer (below) that I made for an upcoming event for my employer. When I would do the same thing at my previous job, people began calling me “Spielberg.”

But the video below literally took me about 15 minutes to create! It takes a rudimentary understanding of Apple’s iMovie, sure, but because Apple is so awesome (I’ve been a fanboy of its products for 20 years now!) and easy, anyone can look like a genius.

The most important point of this post is that Public Relations professionals need to understand and utilize video! I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into learning programs such as Final Cut Express, and building my video editing skills, but you don’t even have to go that far. Just something as simple as knowing how to drag and drop clips into an iMovie video trailer like the one below can set you apart from the competition and make everyone think you’re a genius.


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