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PR Professionals: Video Resume? What the hell is that?

Enjoyed a lively discussion at a PRSA networking event this week. Among the topics tossed around the room was whether or not PR professionals should invest their time and talents in creating a Video Resume.

I showed my video resume (above) to a longtime PR Headhunter and a top HR Executive for an enormous and well-respected PR firm. I also shared it with several other well-heeled PR pros in the room.

The collective response was:

  • Whoa.
  • Nobody else is really doing this.
  • You seem way ahead of the curve here.
  • I really don’t know what to make of this. I mean, I think it’s time is coming, but …

Seriously? We, the self-proclaimed experts of all things communications, marketing and branding, can’t see the future of our industry?

The statistics for online video are insane. We tell our clients to get all over YouTube, but we don’t do it for ourselves and our own personal brand? People are missing a golden opportunity here. Video is the future of all communications. Think about how much online video you watch in a typical day. How much more would a video message from a job applicant stand out when compared to the flood of paper resumes and e-mails piling up all around you?

Video gives you a chance to let your personality and stage presence shine. And if you’re in PR, you should have plenty of personality, charisma and presence to share with others! Video also gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity, judgement and multimedia storytelling skills.

I made my Video Resume myself, using what I’ve learned over the years working in Mac-friendly programs like iMovie and Final Cut Express. It’s not rocket science, yet I’m amazed at how few PR professionals can put together a quality video. In 2011, that’s like not knowing how to type!

So get out there and do a Video Resume already! If you need inspiration, there are some fantastic examples out there and tips aplenty.

The panelists I talked with today did agree that a well-done Video Resume can really, really set you apart from the crowd and make you memorable. On the flip side, they also noted that a poorly done Video Resume can sink you faster than the Titanic.

Have you done a Video Resume? If so, what’s been the response? Share your links and thoughts in the Comments!


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