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Video: Secrets to Social Media Success

I’ve become so fanatical about using Social Media and integrating it into everything I do – especially PR! – that people at work have given me the moniker, “The Self Proclaimed King of Social Media.”

And it’s working! Lately I have been getting asked at least once a week to present to various groups on my Social Media strategies due to the massive success we’re having with it. (Especially in the Labor Union world, which is where my day job resides.) FYI this presentation was made using Prezi – completely free and something you can do entirely online.

In the video below, I spend 40 minutes sharing every trick, tip and tactic I’ve learned the past few years when it comes to using Social Media to engage clients/customers, impact a situation/negotiations, drive mainstream media coverage and shape public opinion. The situations that happened to me during the largest nursing strike in U.S. history last summer also provide great “real-life” examples/case studies for why the tactics I’ve learned at the feet of masters like this guy and this guy work so well.

It’s long, but I promise worth your time to watch.

Question: Anything important I left out? What would you add to the presentation?

The most important Google+ tip I’ve found (so far!)

A huge Google+ tip I learned from Chris Brogan is this – in your “About” area, under the “Employment” section, put a clever (and short) one-line description of who you are and what you’re all about as your “Current” job/position. The reason being is that when people hover over your name on G+, this line is what pops up! Typically it’s either (A) not filled out or (B) just says who your current employer is and doesn’t really explain who you are and what you offer to the G+ community. Update this and watch your Google+ community and influence expand exponentially! (Screen shot is attached – see my top line, where it says “Present” employment?)

Here’s what it will look like once you make the change and people hover over your name:


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