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Steve Jobs’ best speech ever?

By now you’ve heard the news about Jobs. I found this video of him talking to students at Stanford in 2005 gave me great insight into the life experiences that made him who he was.

Why everyone at work thinks I’m a genius (or how a PR pro can fool clients)

I’m getting rave reviews for the video trailer (below) that I made for an upcoming event for my employer. When I would do the same thing at my previous job, people began calling me “Spielberg.”

But the video below literally took me about 15 minutes to create! It takes a rudimentary understanding of Apple’s iMovie, sure, but because Apple is so awesome (I’ve been a fanboy of its products for 20 years now!) and easy, anyone can look like a genius.

The most important point of this post is that Public Relations professionals need to understand and utilize video! I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into learning programs such as Final Cut Express, and building my video editing skills, but you don’t even have to go that far. Just something as simple as knowing how to drag and drop clips into an iMovie video trailer like the one below can set you apart from the competition and make everyone think you’re a genius.


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