John Nemo is a national award-winning Public Relations Director, Social Media Consultant and Multimedia Journalist. He is a former Associated Press reporter, talk radio producer and author with more than 15 years experience.

Check out Nemo Media Group or visit John Nemo on LinkedIn to learn more.

  1. Hi, John:

    Your post was pointed out this morning by a colleague.

    While the Pioneer Press may not need ‘saving,’ (both our circulation and web traffic continue to grow, bucking industry trends) nobody would say we can’t improve.

    You clearly put some time into these thoughtful points that go far deeper than the strafing feedback we sometimes get.

    And while we’re already making strides in some of what’s on your wish list, I’m going to share this link with colleagues. Another perspective never hurts.


    — Chris
    Editor, multimedia and online
    Pioneer Press and TwinCities.com

    • Hi Chris! Thanks for the comment.

      I should have clarified in the post that I meant no disrespect and should have mentioned you guys are indeed bucking overall industry trends. And I could apply those thoughts to really any paper out there today. I know talking to friends at the paper your guys hands are often tied by corporate budget restraints and the like when it comes to tech additions and such.

      I meant it when I said nobody does more with less than you guys!!!

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