The Power of Twitter – Thomas Nelson’s CEO and Me

Not so long ago, the idea of me – a self published author – being able to have a personal conversation with the CEO of Thomas Nelson – arguably the biggest and best publishing house in Christian books today – would have been laughable.

But thanks to Twitter, Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt not only follows me, but has even DM’d me! Granted, it’s not like we are close personal friends, but Mike (after one DM I feel like we’re on a first name basis) and I are Tweeps now!

And the way I connected with Him was NOT by sending him self-promoting “Will you publish my Christian novels?” type drivel. Rather, I’ve taken the time to follow his Tweets, and offer @replies and other methods of feedback and/or congratulations related to Thomas Nelson and it’s brand.

By taking an interest in his Tweets and adding useful replies to the ongoing conversation, I’ve become a part (albeit a tiny one) of Mike’s consciousness online.

Literary agents, are you listening? Authors looking for a break, are YOU listening?

Michael Hyatt is. And I think that’s one of the main reasons his company had 8 of the 10 best sellers on a recent book list. Mike is out there listening and interacting with people like me, people who buy his books and are passionate about his industry. And as a result I now feel a personal connection to Thomas Nelson as a consumer. I’m all warm and fuzzy because it’s CEO literally took five seconds to DM me. Wonder what publisher’s books are going to be at the front of my mind next time I go into a Christian bookstore?

See how this works?

The power, influence and ability to connect with anyone – even a big shot CEO at a major publishing house! – is what makes Social Media the most important development since the Internet itself was invented.

And if you have a brand (including yourself!) out there to advocate for, once you start putting in the sweat equity (to quote Gary Vaynerchuk) in the trenches, chances to make career and potentially life changing connections are just out there waiting to happen.

About John Nemo

John Nemo is a former Associated Press reporter, Award-Winning PR Director and Social Media Consultant who helps brands, businesses and individuals leverage LinkedIn to generate sales leads, add new clients and increase revenue. He is also CEO of Nemo Media Group, a Minneapolis-based marketing agency. Learn more about John at

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  1. Hi,
    This is my first year using twitter and I am enjoying the experience. I learn a lot from the agents, editors and writers themselves.

    At first I felt like a Peeping Tom, but feel more at ease joining in the conversations.

    This is a great post and look forward to similar contacts in my future.

  2. Jennifer Aderhold

    Great post, John! And I totally agree with your assessment on the power of social media platforms, like Twitter, to engage and connect with people in your area of interest, work, etc.

    Like you, because I followed and engaged with Bob Burg, co-author of “The Go-Giver” and national bestselling author, he responded to me with a personal DM. I was thrilled and now that book holds even more meaning for me!

    I believe I began following you because we both have a passion for multimedia storytelling!

    The power of Twitter, and social media in general, is opening up a whole new paradigm in the way we can connect with many we thought were out of reach!

  3. How could I not comment after reading this? Eloquently stated my friend.

  4. Really excellent post, John, and I agree wholeheartedly. I’m still a bit new to the Twitter game although can attest to the feeling of inclusion that I felt after recieving a reply from one of the many people from zappos on Twitter. Not only do they provide a great product and customer service, I know they are listening and responding to me. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks all for the comments so far. The amazing postscript to this post is that my Blog traffic has now increased ten fold thanks to Michael Hyatt Tweeting a link mentioning this post.

    The power of Twitter indeed! And I agree with all of you – the importance of brands like Thomas Nelson or Zappos “getting it” and reaching out to personally interact with a customer can win immeasurably positive “Word of Mouse” love in Social Media circles. (Look at this post, for example!)

  6. John thanks for the great post. I have just recently started using twitter and I am loving the experience. Right now it feels like I am just scratching the surface of my twitter potential.
    Can anyone who is an aspiring artist of any sort, writer, musician, etc… afford to not be on twitter? I don’t think so.
    Thanks again for the inspiration.

  7. Great post, John. Thanks! It works the same way with the media — take the time to do the same things to connect with the journalists who are in a position to help move your book along and you’ll enjoy positive results.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Sandra Beckwith

  8. Good work, John. Off topic: A cashier at Sam’s Club here in the Detroit area today wished me “Merry Christmas.” I was at once surprised and refreshed. Was this a rogue employee or an about-face company directive from Bentonville? After seemingly several years of company-driven politically correct vacant greetings of “happy holidays” and the like, are more retailers returning to the classic words of Merry Christmas?

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